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Fresh Fig Salad

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15 Minutes
Prep: 15 Minutes | | Servings: 2

I have been working on my Italian. By this I’m referring, of course, to food. I had a rather short-lived adventure into the language and made a decision to keep my upcoming menu in English only!

Figs are abundant. This very Mediterranean delicacy is catching on in South Africa and I am delighted to find that the availability increases every year.

So the Italian word for fig is FIGA, or so I thought. It’s actually FICA derived from Figa and while Figa sounds exotic and strong (Feeeega!), I found out soon enough that it’s it is also very offensive.

This is not really a recipe, more of a guideline. I used buffalo mozzarella from Woolies, torn into

smaller pieces, fresh ripe figs and rocket.

Take the fresh ripe figs and with a knife make a criss cross shape on top and squeeze gently, as you would a baked potato.
In a salad, fresh figs are beautifully partnered with honey, soft cheese, lavender, pomegranate, anchovies, parma ham and nuts. I must admit I found this pairing of soft buffalo mozzarella a less exciting partnership compared to blue cheese or soft goats cheese but it was still” pretty” on the tongue.
The salad combo is best served with a honey dressing but I had sufficient red wine vinegar reduction (Double Gold) at hand and so I just drizzled the salad with olive oil and sweet reduction and it was delicious and sweet.

The soft cheese and sweet figs is naturally an extravagant and exotic combination and is therefore a special occasion salad. That said, it was delicious and fresh served midweek with just a plain roast chicken.


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