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Edible Christmas trees: Mini Doughnut Tower and Candy Cane tree

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25 Minutes
Prep: 5 Minutes | Cook: 20 Minutes | Servings: 4
Mini Kids Doughnut Tower
4 packets of Woolies mini doughnuts
Chocolate to melt
Icing sugar and silver cupcake glitter to dust
Woolies star chocolates
Silver stars from a scrap shop
  1. Melt chocolate and dip the bottom of each doughnut into the chocolate and stick a few doughnuts onto a platter in a circle formation (with a hollow gap in the middle).
  2. Build the mini doughnuts up into a tower.
  3. Dust with icing sugar, place a large glittery star in the top donut.
  4. Place a large star on top and dot the cake with Woolies star chocolates (remove the wrapping)
You can also dip strawberries into the chocolate and alternate mini donuts and strawberries on the festive skewers!
Candy trees
Red buckets to hire  In Good Company
Fill with polystyrene squares (Wespack)  and top with green moss ( R49 a bag at Lifestyle) insert  round candy (In Good Co)

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