Baked vegetable curry with coconut cream & lentils
March 8, 2020

Recipe Name



Place the sliced onions in a pot with 1/1/2 cups of water and the curry paste

Simmer on high until the water starts to reduce and add the mushrooms

While the onions are cooking, steam (or microwave) the bag of pumpkin, butternut and sweet potato

Stir the onions and mushrooms until they start to brown and soften and then add the can of coconut cream and chickpeas and cook until the mixture is thick and reduced

Add the seasoning and the fresh peas

Add the steamed vegetables

Garnish and serve -plain, or on rice

A quick, rich and nourishing curry with sweetened vegetables and creamed coconut to balance the heat. Sprouts and spring onions add crunch and the curry can be served alone or on rice