Silky sweet potato soup
August 7, 2019
Date and Ginger pudding
November 19, 2019

White Lindt and caramel trifle for a Christmas crowd


• Place ½ cup of the cream in a pot, gently heat, remove from heat and stir in the chocolate to melt • Whisk the remaining cream • Blend or whisk the caramel-there will be a few remaining lumps, not to worry • Fold the caramel and chocolate into the cream • Slice the Swiss roll and place half at the bottom of a large glass bowl. If using liqueur, drizzle a little onto the Swiss roll. • Layer some slices around the bowl and alternate with the mixture • Refrigerate overnight and serve the next day • To serve: Add Meringues, Lindt balls or white Whispers and lightly dusted with glitter