Flatbread -with lavender and spice
August 6, 2019
Self-saucing toblerone pudding
August 6, 2019

Easy Spiced Seeds


1. Blend the bananas and oil in your food processor until smooth. Add the eggs, yoghurt, spice and honey and blitz. Add the flour and blitz very quickly so as not to over-mix it. The texture will be somewhat runny, but like Pronutro, it starts to thicken after a few minutes.

2. Pour into a silicone bread tin and bake 160 ˚C (fan assisted) for between 50 to 80 minutes depending on your bread tin. Only open the oven after 45 minutes or else the middle will collapse.

“Miracles Plus Plus” appear on everyone’s plate at least once a week. Made up from Flax Seed (Linseed), Sunflower Seed, Sesame Seed and Pumpkin Seed, they are rather tasteless but add a slight texture and a large dollop of nutrition to salads and breakfasts.

Toasting them until crunchy and spicing them up, takes these from dull to totally addictive.

Spices include paprika, Harrisa, Cumin or any variety of mixed blends-like Wooloworth’s or NoMu mixed spice jars. Omit the salt and savoury spice and add cinnamon, vanilla sugar and nutmeg for a sweet scattering on oats or youghurt. This particular recipe was developed to be sprinkled on my Tabbouleh. It’s also good on hummus, goats cheese and salads.