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If I could turn back the clock (and I would only for this reason). I would get married at Babylonstoren. Maranda Engelbrecht would be the mother I never had and she would transform my day and night into something unimaginable.




This unbelievable majestic estate comprises a cellar, a momentous vegetable and herb garden (from which the menu planning starts), Babel restaurant, Glass House, farm hotel and spa and lots of animals. Most notably it was their Shiraz I had sent back to Joburg by the caseload as it was my wine of the weekend.




I opted to lunch at the Green House because I specifically wanted a cheese and charcuterie lunch and their selection was just perfection.

I tried not to stare open mouthed at every delicious element this place had to offer and delight me with, from the waiter’s stations on crates, the creamy gorgonzola and salmon casually served on paper to Karen Roos nonchalantly sitting among us.

My photo of the weekend was of the quirky horticulturist’s feet who’s name (Gundula I believe) is as exotic as her gardening clothes and she blushed furiously at my request for a photo.


Babylonstoren is just a feast for the eyes and mouth. I cannot wait to go back and stay in the farmhouse (and stalk Maranda).


Lunch: Perfection and simplicity.




The waiter’s station, ice cream cones for the kids and our new friend.




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