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Edible Christmas trees

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Mini Read more

Festive skewers

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I came up … Read more

Valentine printables

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Valentines day is a special day, where you really get to show your love and affection for someone you truly care about. Why not make something from the heart? With these printables you will be able to make something sentimental … Read more

Christmas Gift Packaging

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Here are some  cool, inexpensive, and super quick packaging ideas for Christmas food gifting (I made chewy meringues with little tubs of lemon curd).

For the meringues:
Take a brown paper bag and fill with meringues, fold the top over … Read more

My New Craft Drawer

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About a year ago I purchased an antique printers tray restored into a beautiful table-come-desk.
However, my product was sadly delivered battered and bashed and after a series of unhelpful exchanges and frustration, I returned my very expensive table and … Read more