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Foodie gifts

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  • Jars: Westpack
  • Fillings: Caramel popcorn -Westpack, White Chocolate coasted almonds -Woolworths
  • Candy Canes -Checkers
  • Gold Tags and ribbon: Macaroon, spotted -The Variety Shop, other printable (scroll down to printables 2017)

  • Jars-Westpack
  • Wrappers -Jodees bake & Pack and Westpack
  • Ribbon and Stickers -Macaroon
  • Cookie cutters and Christmas hat -own

Megan’s Meringues-selected Spars and Checkers, homemade meringues


2017 Christmas printables

Cardamom and pink peppercorn meringues

Spiced seeds recipe :

Easy Spiced Seeds