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Anybody who knows me well, knows that I love adding a captivating theme and dress code to a party. As long as the dress code entails no additional or necessary shopping, most guests find it fun and the photos are always interesting and memorable.

The BOHO theme-which I chose for my sister’s birthday party-is quite “current”at the moment and every retail store offered inspiration in the weeks prior to the party as shop windows were filled with flowing flower dresses, tasseled suede and dream catcher and feathered jewelry .


The inspiration for the decor came from In Good Company’s kiddies POW WOW party range:

and I used the treat boxes, the garland and the paper napkins to create various table decorations.

I bought additional yellow and turquoise feathers from Party Spot Northgate- and black feathers from the Variety Shop in Randburg and a glue gun turned the treat boxes into feathered tepee tents while the garland was taken apart to add feathers to the decor. The daisy’s are actually rice paper cupcake decor and I pierced them with a skewer to decorate the candles and tents.

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I printed a boho style picture ( printables below) and glue gunned it to a chalk stand, adding feathers and a dream catcher from Typo.

The Napkins were placed in tin buckets (R20) from the Chinese Market at Hillfox.

The most fun addition to our decor was a board done by my brother-in-law while we all sipped champagne on the lawn. He took an inexpensive thin sheet of wood (Builder’s Warehouse), lined a border with tape and spray painted the inside with chalk spray paint (also Builder’s).

My sister added string with pegs, crowns made with artificial flowered twine (R20 for 5 stems) and floral wire from Flower spot and chalked in the invitation to “crown yourself””.

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The surprise of the evening was having a face painter at the venue, who added the most incredible floral swirls and feathers to our faces. Call Yolandi Du Toit on 0842215122/


Check out my pinterest board for some additional inspiration for your BOHO bash: http://